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About Jim Kuykendall

Jim believes in strong family values and is a proven leader in the workplace, community, and church. Enabled by his career in the Railroad Industry and educational background, Jim is more than qualified for this work which is his passion; helping others to overcome potentially debilitating conflicts. His experience includes conflict mediation, arbitration, and conflict resolution training for families, the workplace, public forums, and in churches. Jim has written training materials for management and employees alike that empowers them to recognize and handle conflict before it can escalate.

Leveraging on his 37 year career in the railroad, Jim's vast experience in people management includes operations, safety, training, human resources and labor relations.  He has written and directed a number of labor / management appeals and arbitration cases before Special and Public Law Boards as well as the National Mediation Board Arbitrators. Jim has a BA in Organizational Management, an MS degree in Management, and a MA degree in Conflict Resolution and Reconciliation.

As an elected public official who understands the importance of bringing parties together in order to get things accomplished, he works with his constituents to resolve issues, and find resolution in both the private and public sectors.

Jim Kuykendall serves or has served on a number of board and committees including Sons of the American Revolution, the Montgomery County Fair Association, the Houston Livestock Show, State Officer of the Texas Jaycees, the United States Jaycees Senate, co-founder and past board Chairman/Member of Leadership Training for Christ organization, and as an Elder at Grace Crossing Community Church of Christ.

Jim Kuykendall brings a lifetime of experience in industry, government, and non-profit environments to his work in conflict management. His practical approach to today's personal and organizational challenges will bring you positive results and meaningful "next steps" to move you forward. Whether you need a coach, a consultant, a mediator, or an arbitrator, Jim should be at the top of your list!

-- Joe L. "Joey" Cope, Executive Director, Duncum Center for Conflict Resolution.


Memberships and Credentials


When considering JK & Associates for your Mediation and or Arbitration needs, you can rest assured that we comply with nationally recognized certifications and procedures. Our memberships include "Certified Mediator" via Texas Mediator Counseling Association, the Duncum Center for Conflict Resolution, the Texas Association of Mediators, and the Texas Mediation Trainers Roundtable, and Certification.


  • Serves as the Mayor of the City of Oak Ridge North, Texas
  • Member of the Sons of the American Revolution.
  • Life Member of the Montgomery County Fair Association, Conroe
  • Life Member of the Houston Livestock Show Livestock Committee
  • Past Local, District, Regional, and State Officer of the Texas Jaycees
  • Numerous civic awards for work in the community and state
  • Life member of the United States Jaycees Senate
  • Member of the Watercolor Art Society of Houston
Texas Mediator Credentialing Association Duncum Conflict Resolution Center
Texas Mediator Credentialing Association Certified


Educational Background


  • MA Degree, Conflict Resolution and Reconciliation - Abilene Christian University, Abilene Texas
  • MS Degree, Management - Southern Nazarene University, Bethany, Oklahoma
  • BA Degree, Organizational Management - Philander Smith College, Little Rock, Arkansas
  • Management Development Program - Union Pacific Railroad, Omaha Nebraska
  • Numerous training and certifications in Safety, Quality, Lean Management, Communication, Project Management, Human Resources, and other business related programs



What Others Say About Jim Kuykendall

“His strengths in communication, mediation and arbitration made him a steadfast asset in labor disputes, but most importantly in conflict resolution. While at the Port Terminal Railroad, Jim was able to improve employee relations, aided by his foresight and ability to address issues in a mutually beneficial manner, to allow for open communication without the need for fortified defensive mechanisms.”

“Jim’s vast professional and educational knowledge, supported by proven strengths in mediation and conflict resolution, makes him a reliable source for guidance and knowledge. A chance to learn from someone like Jim does not present itself often. There is a difference between managing and leading. Jim will help you find the nexus, and excel in both.”


JK Mediation Services

Put our experience to work for you

Many times disagreements can be resolved by sitting down with someone who is trained in the facilitation of different types of conflict resolution; someone who can evaluate the conflict and assist the parties in finding a solution. Jim Kuykendall is that person. With years of experience in leading and facilitating groups and individuals both in the workplace and the private sector, he can help with issue resolution. Jim’s qualifications include several years of formal education, training, and experience. In this area of his practice, Jim will meet with the parties both separately and together depending on the situation, listen to all of the issues and assist the parties as necessary to find resolution.

JK Associates Mediators


Resolution is within your grasp

For a consultation in the greater Houston Metro area:

Jim Kuykendall @ 281-419-5052
Business Hours:
Monday – Friday 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM
Saturday, Sunday and after hours available by Appointment.

  • For those whose first language is other than English, interpreter services can be provided.



JK & Associates Services

Arbitration, Mediation, Conflict Resolution
Arbitration In Arbitration, both of the parties present their issues to a neutral, third party; the Arbitrator. The Arbitrator decides the outcome.
Mediation Mediation is also handled by a neutral, third party person. The mediator helps the parties work through their situation.
Conflict Resolution Left unresolved, conflicts can escalate and do serious damage to all types of relationships.