Divorce Mediation

The divorce mediation process can help the parties end the marital relationship amicably and reduce conflict. It is less divisive than a court action, and many times, the parties maintain a good relationship with their ex-spouses, enabling them to carry less bitterness and resentment into their post-divorce lives. In divorce cases involving children, because decisions are made jointly by both parents, the parties can have confidence with existing and ongoing child care arrangements which reduces the potential for future custody disagreements.


Divorce Mediation Benefits

When completed prior to divorce court, the divorce mediation process can allow for disagreements between the parties to be resolved thereby saving the court's time and reducing legal fees. Your JK Mediation representative is a trained mediator who will assist you with the entire mediation process. Because the mediator is a neutral intermediary, he or she will may make observations, provide opinions and suggestions, and certainly ask and answer questions to help clarify the process. The mediator's role includes reducing the stress involved in what can be a very unpleasant situation, he or she will not force a decision, that is up to the parties involved.

The process of mediation is used to save time and money by streamlining decision making. Normally much faster when compared to resolving the case went through the judicial court system, the results are generally fair to both parties. Because there are no recordings or notes taken by a stenographer, the mediation process is private and personal. Perhaps the best part of divorce mediation is that the couples make the decisions and not a judge.


Ending the Marital Relationship Amicably


• Reduce conflict.
• Less divisive than court action.
• Maintain good relationships with their ex-spouses.
• Carry less bitterness and resentment into their post-separation/divorce lives.
• Increased confidence with existing child care arrangements, and less likely to have future disagreements.
• Decisions taken jointly by the couple have a better chance of being honored.