Non-profit organizations are not exempt from legal and personal issues in the workplace. These organizations work with the public and with volunteers and conflict, if not handled properly, can have a negative impact on the reputation of the non-profit. Mediation can be a positive way for all of the parties to meet and determine the outcome together.


Why should non-profits consider mediation?

As you might know, non-profits are money conscious and litigation can be very costly and time consuming and that is only the begining. Disruptions in day to day business operations, motions, appeals all come to light and the expenses only go up. The mediation process is much less costly and generally faster, taking anywhere from a few hours to several days once it has begun. The meetings are usually held at the convenience of the parties and they negotiate their own outcome.


When could a non-profit benefit from mediation?

Mediation can be useful in just about any situation where the parties are unable to reach an agreeable outcome. A nonprofit organization can benefit from mediation on a variety of issues. Disputes can occur on most any level, from the top on down to the volunteers. When the board of directors have opposing ideas on how the nonprofit should be run, or who should be elected to an open board position, major disputes can bring productivity to a halt. Even minor issues such as resolving disputes between employees or volunteers, can relieve overall stress and confusion within the organization.