What People are Saying About the Seminar

“Normally I am unwilling to consider my communication from the perspective of the receiving party. This course has helped me see how both sides play off of each other.”

“Discussed different way of solving work conflict that will be beneficial to my particular positions as I work to get production from my employees as well as keep morale high.”

“I really got a lot out of it. There was a lot of useful things I didn’t know about harassment and harmful words.”

“I will be better able to identify and resolve conflict in the workplace.”


What was Most Helpful to the Participants:

“Recognition of anger types as well as knowing appropriate approached to each. Knowing where the adverse party wants to go allows me to guide the conflict in a mutually determined direction.” “This course will be helpful in every aspect of life. Teaches you how to stay calm and deal with every type of personality.”


Participant Recommendations:

“The material is great, but the best part is the opportunity to discover how my communications are received. Criticism and observation given by peers pale in comparison to self-discovery.” “It is informative and will prepare you for dealing with the many types of people and situations that arise due to conflict that happens in everyday life.”