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Jim is a proven leader in the workplace, community, and church. He has handled conflict mediation, arbitration, and conflict resolution training for families, the workplace, public forums, and in churches.
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Conflict is all around us - and when it begins to interfere with our daily lives, we sometimes have trouble in identifying the root cause. Jim's background, experience, and training in conflict resolution is the key to discovering and resolving these issues; thereby relieving the stress and anxiety of the conflict.
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JK & Associates mediation provides a neutral third party to help other parties involved in a dispute/conflict to work through issues and find resolution. The parties determine what is important and decide the outcome.
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JK & Associates arbitration differs from mediation in that the parties involved present their case and evidence to a third party, "The Arbitrator". After hearing all evidence in the case, the arbitrator makes a binding decision.
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Conflict Resolution

A conflict is the result of two or more parties having different opinions or positions on one or more issues. What was once a small disagreement can become a formal complaint, a lawsuit, or at worst, become violent.
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You make THE CALL

Your JK & Associates mediator, working with both parties, will help them to find an amicable solution. The mediator doesn’t make the decisions, and you don’t need to “take your chances” in the courtroom.
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Why use a Mediator?

Let us help you improve communications and resolve disagreements. We live is a world that is unpredictable. A world where we are consistently confronted with conflict in all facets of our lives. Conflict and workplace violence has invaded our home, work, school, church, and our community. Conflict can range from a verbal exchange between people which, at best - can escalate to formal complaints; and at its worst - can lead to workplace violence.
  •  Recognize the Signs
  •  Reduce the Anxiety
  •  Improve Communications
  •  Increase Awareness
  •  Increase Satisfaction
  •  Collaboration & Growth
  •  Preserve Relationships
  •  Personal Empowerment
  •  Greater Control
  •  Saves Time


Mediation Benefits

Mediation works in a variety of diverse situations.

Everyone gains understanding
The parties decide the outcome

Why hire a Mediator?

There is a wide range of life events which might call for a mediator.

Inheritance, property settlements.
Divorce, property and child custody issues

JK & Associates Services

Arbitration, Mediation, Conflict Resolution
Arbitration In Arbitration, both of the parties present their issues to a neutral, third party; the Arbitrator. The Arbitrator decides the outcome.
Mediation Mediation is also handled by a neutral, third party person. The mediator helps the parties work through their situation.
Conflict Resolution Left unresolved, conflicts can escalate and do serious damage to all types of relationships.